17 September, 2011

Showing some blog love

Having just gotten in from a 12 hour shift (I think my legs are about to drop off) I'm not gonna be doing any crochet this evening.....boooooo(!). But, I have found this brilliantly lovely blog called Yellow Pink and Sparkly, where there are loads of free crochet and knitting patterns all of which are well written and totally gawwwwjus!

Heres just a few that I have fallen in love with and am definatly gonna be making.....

Reason goes without saying!

My housemate loves badgers so this one is going to be made for him

And this one is my name sake... 'Yay! Candy Mountain!' Click here if you have no idea what planet I'm on!

In other news, I've been asked to make Miss Mouse from Cbeebies. Here she is....

...sooooo much detail think I'm gonna have my work cut out for me.

Anyhoooo, tomorrow is about boob hats and baby crocheted rollerskates....now where did I put my peach wool.....

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